Customized Architecture? We’ve got a solution for that.

Some of you have shared concerns regarding the 46 Labs Roadmap for the former SwitchRay products. Many of you have customized solutions built on top of the products using RADIUS, direct calls to the backend database architecture or other direct integrations to the platform. We understand that these augments were created to fulfill shortcomings in the products themselves, or to allow native integrations into provisioning or existing enterprise service busses. The last thing you or any of us want is a disruption to your business processes.

We are more than just a software developer.

We have encountered precisely these same concerns with vendors inside our own network and can empathize with any concerns when it comes to making changes to functioning business processes. However improvements, by definition, require change.

Rest assured we are not going to put you in this same predicament.  

One of the core concerns is 46 Labs’ intention to deprecate the backend Oracle database in the MVTS II product. Much of the customizations on that product line are achieved using hooks into the Oracle Database, so understandably removing it can be quite disruptive.

No Disruptions. No Extra Fees. 

By utilizing a middleware architecture designed to translate oracle logic (and client connections) into properly formed requests into the new database we eliminate this disruption. Our integration team will accommodate upgrades to the latest versions of our software for customers with direct customizations. This team’s job is to evaluate every upgrade individually, create a MOP (Methods of Procedure), coordinate with each company’s stakeholders and execute the upgrade. This integration team will also follow this methodology for customers that will not require special handling due to native integrations.  Yep, this is all included in the price of your maintenance agreement.

As it relates to other customizations created directly to the MVTS/RTU products, we will extend the APIs of the products to be natively RESTful and accommodate the pub/sub model which is used in enterprise service busses (ESBs).  This will allow you, or us, to easily create agents that make integrations seamless and non-disruptive.

Professional Services Team. Seamless Integration.

We realize that most of you do not maintain development teams to make any requisite changes to accommodate upgrades. We at 46 Labs intentionally maintain a professional services (PROServ) team to address these issues. Our integration team will involve our professional services team in circumstances that require significant changes to the customer environment. Our PROServ team will collaborate with the customer to determine what changes are necessary and any costs associated with performing those changes.

Your Business Goals: Our Mission 

Our goal throughout these product improvements is to generate more value for our customers, so you can run your business efficiently and profitably, without missing a beat. Our customers don’t need anyone outside the 46 Labs ecosystem.  At 46 Labs, we are committed to deliver an end-to-end solution for all system upgrades.

Keep in mind: we will support existing SwitchRay products until December 31, 2018.

This gives all customers a 2-year runway before any plan must be executed for an upgrade path. We may choose to extend that EOL (end of life) depending on customer adoption of the upgrades.

With our thoughtful integration plan in place and our well-executed product road map, we are confident deployments will be seamless with the reliable customer support you have come to expect.

46 Labs LLC Enters into Maintenance Agreement with Brightlink IP

46 Labs Provides a Reliable Platform to Expand Brightlink IP’s Communications Services

Austin, TX (January 3, 2016) – Today, 46 Labs LLC, a recognized leader in telecommunications infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS), announced that on December 1, 2016 they entered into a maintenance service agreement with Brightlink IP, a leading global IP communications provider.

Under the new maintenance contract, 46 Labs will provide Brightlink IP with technical support, software updates, product training and a dedicated Help Desk. 46 Labs is known for equipping its large global customer base with a solid infrastructure and a full suite of scalable commercial telephony products. Their hosted platform, Peeredge handles over a billion phone calls each day, routing in excess of ten thousand calls per second. 

Brightlink IP is one of the largest IP based next generation communications providers in the world, supporting billions of interactions each month with reliable voice, data and messaging solutions. 

“We are committed to offer the best-in-class service to our customers by partnering with trusted companies like 46 Labs to help us provide the most innovative communications solutions,” stated Joseph White, CTO of Brightlink IP.

“We are very proud to provide Brightlink IP with a modern and secure telephony platform, enabling them to offer their customers advanced features and increased functionality," stated Trevor Francis, CEO of 46 Labs LLC. "We are driven towards excellence in how we develop innovative, scalable telecom solutions that empower communication providers like Brightlink IP to remain stable and competitive in their space.”

About Brightlink IP

Brightlink IP is a premiere IP communications provider delivering backbone services to enterprises and carriers. We help our customers deliver UC&C services to their stakeholders in a seamless next-generation environment. We are committed to customer satisfaction and constantly exceeding expectations. Brightlink IP is one of the largest IP based communications providers in the world, supporting billions of interactions each month.

From global unified communications to comprehensive managed cloud networking services, Brightlink IP provides innovative, scalable solutions backed by the simplicity of working with a single provider. Our customers provide communication services to the most critical industry verticals and we are committed to providing them with the most innovative options available to reach and then surpass their business objectives.

Providing industry leading quality is our job and we pride ourselves on the delivery of completely reliable voice, data and messaging solutions, quickly and efficiently, with cloud technologies designed and built specifically for next-generation media-rich data and voice solutions. Our 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors 100 percent of all traffic and network services from end to end. But our world-class support services are just the beginning.

About 46 Labs LLC

46 Labs is a leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure and services to carriers and the Fortune 1000. The 46 Labs difference is its attention to simplicity, scalability and customer service. It is that approach that allows the company to power over 1 billion phone calls per day across its network and have deployments for some of the largest companies in the world.  For more information on 46 Labs’ communications service platforms, please visit and/or email

For Media inquiries contact

Take a Look at What's Coming in 2017

road ahead 2017



Similar to PE-4000 UC OSS/BSS Class-4 platform, this solution allows Carriers and Enterprises to build accounting and business logic into its Class-5 offering. Users of the Peeredge 5000 UC platform will be able to perform most OSS/BSS functions for their customers, including accounting, invoicing, reconciliation, web/mobile payment integration, taxation and enhanced financial and business logic reporting. Development efforts will begin in early 2017. Stay tuned for further details about the new OSS/BSS solution in the coming weeks and months.

PE-4000 SBC / 5000 UC  (formerly SwitchRay SR-6000)

Peeredge 4000 SBC and 5000 UC platform will have native direct integrations, including support for both the 4000 OSS/BSS and 5000 OSS/BSS systems. Users of the existing SwitchRay SR-6000 platform will be upgraded to the cohesive Peeredge 4000 SBC and Peeredge 5000 UC platform at no additional cost.

SwitchRay SR-P7000 Antifraud

46 Labs will be deprecating the SwitchRay SR-P7000 Antifraud product.  At the moment, the company has no intention of improving or continuing development on this product and, as such, no equivalent Peeredge product will be released.


We Bring Unified Communications. In a Robust User Friendly Platform.


Robust. Simplified. Expanded.

Peeredge 5000: Carrier-hosted PBX and UC (Unified Communications) featuring a user friendly platform. Product improvements in the Peeredge 5000 system include:

  • Responsive user interface easily viewed on mobile devices and tablets
  • Simplification of workflows and user administration
  • Improvements to device provisioning, device profiles and provisioning methodologies (HTTP(S)/TFTP/WRTC)
  • Increased capabilities for voicemail storage
  • Redundant media storage backend support (Ceph, Gluster)
  • Improved DTLS/TLS and SRTP secure protocols
  • Addition of a native WebRTC gateway for provisioning WebRTC endpoints
  • Deprecating H.323 protocol from core switching
  • Improvements in automated provisioning and domain control (multi-domain environments) for mobile clients
  • Native integration with Peeredge UC Client
  • Deeper native video conferencing abilities, either peer-to-peer or media anchored
  • Improvements in Presence and end-user self-help and administration
  • Native integration into Peeredge 5000 OSS/BSS and domain level LDAP integration for enterprise clients
  • Improvements for contact center deployments


Feature Rich. WebRTC. Customizable.

  • WebRTC compatible, includes native integration to both the Android and iOS dialers
  • Native integration appears to the end user as a normal voice, video or SMS exchange
  • WebRTC protocol allows the clients to overcome firewall or other carrier-imposed limitations
  • Enables in-app branding customization, without requiring carriers to deploy a specialized app inside of the Google or Apple app stores
  • Native OPUS support removes the hassle of customizing codecs to achieve optimal voice quality
  • OPUS supports both scaling narrowband and wide-band voice payloads
  • Echo cancellation, packet loss concealment, FEC (Forward Error Correction) and adaptive jitter buffer
  • Make on-the-fly decisions about bitrate, bandwidth used and frame size
  • Simplifies user administration and lessens carrier workload

Peeredge 5000 SBC adeptly handles the transcoding necessary to pass an OPUS payload over a traditional voice network. The computing horsepower should reside on the server, not the handset or desktop. Stay tuned for further details about the new UC client in the coming weeks and months.

Experience a Secure & Easy to Manage Class 4 Solution

INTRODUCING PE-4000 SBC (formerly SR-4000, MVTS PRO

Responsive. Secure. Manageable.

  • Responsive user interface that can be easily viewed on smartphones and tablets  

  • Improved secure DTLS/TLS and SRTP protocols

  • A native WebRTC gateway for provisioning WebRTC endpoints

  • Deprecating H.323 protocol from core switching

  • Easier to manage short duration (dialer/voice broadcasting) traffic

  • Ease of in-memory database lookups for latency sensitive external services (LNP/CNAM/Fraud/Blocklists)

  • Extension of customized external routing technology via SIP-302 and proprietary Peeredge Routing Protocol

  • Ability to pass rating information through Peeredge Routing Protocol to create pre-rated CDRs

  • Fully containerized switching for easy deployment and upgrades

  • Simplified workflows for ease of use

  • Improvements in geographic redundancy capabilities

  • Enhancements for country-specific LNP/MNP

INTRODUCING PE-4000 OSS/BSS (former component of SR-4500, MVTS II)

Flexible. Control. Seamless.

  • All the same routing, reporting and invoicing functions of the MVTS II platform coupled to the Peeredge 4000 OSS/BSS system

  • Session border capabilities of the Peeredge 4000 SBC

  • Gives you the flexibility of controlling non-Peeredge SBCs (ie: Genband, Sansay or Sonus) alongside the Peeredge 4000 SBC

  • Experience a heterogeneous network, all controlled by a single OSS/BSS system

  • Control routing and reporting functionalities independently

  • Splitting into separate tiers so you can leverage the new streaming analytics faster

  • More compressive routing technologies, advanced triggering and automation

Upgrades from the SR-4500 (MVTS II) will all be completed seamlessly and all CDRs will be automatically migrated out of the Oracle databases and into the new NoSQL database backend. Routing logic will also be migrated out of Oracle and into our new in-memory backed relational routing database. These tiers will be entirely separate and can be scaled independently to accommodate installations of all sizes.


  • Real-time streaming analytics for reporting, alerting and graphing

  • Scalable routing technologies to handle call volumes in excess of 20,000 CPS in a single installation with better routing response times

  • Responsive user interface that can be easily viewed on mobile devices and tablets

  • Native integration into Peeredge 4000 SBC and 302-redirect control of non-Peeredge SBCs or open source proxies

  • Fully containerized switching for easy deployment

  • Improved workflows for ease of use and in geographic redundancy

  • Introduction of taxation into the invoicing functionality and taxation support

  • Multiple CDR ingestion formats to allow heterogeneous network topologies

The Peeredge Story: How Does Stable & Secure Sound?

Development efforts will be performed under the Peeredge brand. This means that the product names will change.

So What's In a Name?

The Peeredge name on a product is not simply just a name. It means that you are now using the most performant, stable and easy-to-use product in the industry. We take this part very seriously and intend to speak through our products, not just with our mouths.

See For Yourself

Want to see first-hand the direction we are headed? Feel free to set up a demo and preview our Peeredge Cloud Switch. On November 7th 2016, this platform processed a sustained load of over 20,000 calls-per-second in production during the US elections. To put that into perspective, we processed over 1 billion phone calls that day - that is 1/7th of the world's population. Our streaming analytics engine processed each CDR in stream and the reporting was updated in less than 1 second for the entire day. 

Don't Let Statistics Confuse You

We aren’t expecting you to move to a cloud environment. It’s merely used to illustrate that we plan to deploy this next-generation thinking into your existing on-premise solutions. However, we do intend to offer options to virtualize some or all of your infrastructure, if you choose.  Stay tuned for more details about these options.

No More Dongles

We will be moving away from the dongle-based licensing model and into a distributed and centralized licensing model. The first version of each Peeredge product will support this new model, which means you no longer have to worry about losing or breaking your dongle. Furthermore, customers with perpetual licenses and who are under an active maintenance contract will not have to worry about “re-purchasing” these licenses; they will be transferred automatically.

Get Ready: 3 Very Cool Changes are Coming Your Way

Product Improvements to Help Your Business Run Smoothly

Change can be scary but the changes you will see in 2017 will actually help make your business run more smoothly.

End of Life for SwitchRay Products

Beginning January 1st, we will be issuing end of life notices for all SwitchRay products, effective December 31, 2017. We will continue to support existing SwitchRay products until December 31, 2018, however we will not be including free upgrades to Peeredge for those products after December 31, 2017. Here's how this is a good thing:

Improvements to the SwitchRay / ALOE / MERA Core

1. The core technology that you have come to rely on to run your network will not be abandoned. In fact, quite the opposite. We are investing heavily in the SwitchRay/ALOE/MERA core switching technologies to make them performant and next generation. That means they can be run on the latest operating systems, in full 64-bit and take advantage of containerization, software defined networking technologies, and distributed provisioning.

2. Every customer will have a seamless migration path to upgrade their technology. This will not be an intrusive upgrade path and we will work with each customer independently to build and execute a deployment plan.

3. For customers under active maintenance contracts on or before March 31, 2017, these upgrades will be included at no additional cost, regardless of when you choose to actually perform the upgrade. For instance, if you are under an active maintenance contract and choose to upgrade in November of 2017, we will be happy to assist you as part of your maintenance agreement. However, if you are not under maintenance with 46 Labs before March 31, 2017, you will be required to pay an upgrade fee.

Peeredge Cloud Switch 2017 Roadmap Paves the Way for a More Customizable Solution

We are pleased to present the 2017 Roadmap for our Peeredge Cloud Switch. As many of you may know, we acquired the rights to the SwitchRay’s products and customers in September of this year. Our two primary goals in this acquisition were to welcome the 400+ worldwide customers into our Peeredge Ecosystem and to gain access to a mature set of intellectual property that started the software switch legacy nearly two decades ago, marketed as MERA MVTS and RTU.

Peeredge Lives On

Many of you have expressed concern that our focus would shift away from our hosted platform and towards this new opportunity. This couldn’t be further from our intentions. Our goal is to convert each of the SwitchRay products into equivalent Peeredge products. This means that the Peeredge brand and legacy will live on, while the SwitchRay brand will not. It also means that we will be leveraging the intellectual property we acquired to improve all Peeredge products, especially the Peeredge Cloud Switch. All of that being said, 2017 will be a year that we merge the Peeredge and SwitchRay intellectual property to build something truly unique. With the focus of this roadmap being the Peeredge Cloud Switch, take a look at what we have in store for 2017:

Upgraded Datacenter for Increased Stability

We will be upgrading our DAL01 datacenter to include large battery units to buffer our power in the event of a black/brownout on multiple legs of power at the same time. While unusual, we did experience this event in 2016 and believe introducing battery backup is a prudent step to prevent this from happening again.

Introducing Openstack Architecture: Robust User Independence Hosted by 46 Labs

Since the company was founded, it has always been our intention to allow our customers to leverage the economies and flexibility that running on a shared platform affords. However, running an entirely shared platform introduces some limitations on us as a company and you as a customer. Therefore, we have chosen to abstract our “cloud” out to a much higher architectural level. Currently we have customers assigned to shared clusters of resources. These clusters operate independently from other clusters, but multiple tenants are on them at any given time. This means that one customer can have an impact on multiple. It also means that we can’t deploy a patch or debug an event for a single customer, without it impacting multiple customers. Further, resources like Media IPs are not unique to a given customer.

This is why we have chosen to power our Peeredge Cloud Switch and our datacenters with Openstack. This will allow each individual user to have their own resources, not shared by others and remain entirely independent from other customers. Each customer will get their own individual grouping of load balancers, routing servers, SBCs, media anchors (if applicable), workers, reporting back-ends and UI instances. Essentially it will be like you have your own infrastructure, but hosted inside of our environment. Furthermore, we can scale out each customer independently, allowing us to build much more tailored environments at the customer level. Lastly, the Openstack API is the most robust API interface for any cloud environment, powering companies like Rackspace. Customers will be granted access to this API to monitor and control their instances. Lastly, given that each customer will be granted their own individual subnet, they are open to deploy their own workload alongside their Peeredge Cloud Switch and communicate natively over a private network.

This will transform your Peeredge Cloud Switch into less of a switching-only solution and more into a platform to build native voice infrastructures. You as the user will now have the ability to build out the infrastructure as your needs evolve, rather than relying on a single-fit solution. Our 46 Labs Team members will assist you at any level to custom fit your infrastructure to meet your needs, as part of your Peeredge Cloud Switch subscription.

Machine Intelligence for Better Reporting

A system-wide improvement in reporting is scheduled for Q1 2017. We will be leveraging our already robust Apache Cassandra infrastructure with the power of Spark analytics, to perform ad-hoc queries against your data using native methods.  Additionally, this will serve as the basis for a triggering, alerting and machine learning infrastructure that you will be able to programmatically train to route around issues with user involvement. Stay tuned for more details about specific features and functionalities.  Even better still, we will provide training via webcasts along with  one-on-one trainings with our team. 

Improved Routing for Better User Control

One of the most advanced features of the second major revision of Peeredge was with our routing infrastructure. Routing containerization made trunk groups much more controllable to specific destinations but led to significantly more complex routing rules which could be confusing. In our quest to improve routing in 2017, we will be shifting the methodology which focuses on trunk groups toward destinations. This means that the routing concepts will transition from assigning destinations to trunk groups to assigning trunk groups to destinations. You will have now experience greater management and improved granular control for trunk groups at the destination level. Stay tuned for more details about these improvements along with available training.

Our Support Team Just Got Bigger!

Although much of the attention in late 2016 was placed on our acquisition of SwitchRay, it was not our only acquisition. Effective December 1st of 2016, we acquired the customers and support engineers from MVTS Solutions, which is a softswitch support company. In that acquisition, 12 new support engineers joined the 46 Labs team. What this means for you and why we went the extra mile to acquire this team was to allow our company to expand our support operations into a 24/7/365 role. This not only helps us to accommodate our new international customers but gives you more resources to reach out to, in addition to our existing excellent support team. This transition is set to complete by December 31, 2016 and training will start on Peeredge products in January 2017. We will be shortly posting our new support methods, as well as our new support portal for ticket tracking and live support. Look for an email from us with these details in January.

Improved Flexibility in our Account Management Portal

In keeping with the advancements to our platform and team, we are also improving the tools available to our customers for account management. This will include a new portal that you may order additional services, upgrade or revise your account, view invoices, change payment methods, track your trouble tickets and receive live 1-on-1 support with our responsive customer service team. The portal will integrate with our Openstack API to spin up new instances inside of your personal Peeredge cloud. Along with our support changes mentioned above, we will be sending details on how to access this portal in January.

24/7/365 Support & Helpdesk Outsourcing

We saw enterprise business remain extremely robust in 2016 so we created a wholly-owned subsidiary called Versatel to better respond to network operation needs. This subsidiary manages certain regulated parts of our enterprise business as well providing BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) to these customers. In late 2016, we productized the helpdesk/NOC part of our business by offering it as a service. Through Versatel, we built a near-shore team of support engineers to handle network operations and help-desking for carriers and enterprises. These companies utilize our specialists to manage multiple customer-facing aspects of their companies including trouble tickets, provisioning, network operations and customer support. This support team is entirely independent from 46 Labs, but can leverage our backend tools to speed analysis. Since this team operates 24x7x365, is North America-based and multi-lingual (English/Spanish), customers can experience greater support at any time of the day. More details to follow on how to leverage this new service coming in the first part of 2017.

Last and certainly not least, our customers remain the single biggest focus of our business. This year, we made decisions that allowed us to better serve you with new products and improved services as well as bolster our existing business. We will continue to search for innovative ways to improve our products and services so that you can continue scale your business. We are excited to welcome you into the New Year and believe that 2017 will be the best year yet!

Grab Your Sunglasses: 2017 is Looking Bright!

Software Released. Features Delivered. 

At 46 Labs, we believe we are here to enable our customers to be more competitive. Let me introduce you to what we affectionately refer to as “release cadence.”


Release cadence is the frequency that software is released to the user. We are making a commitment to the former SwitchRay customers that we will have a 3x per year release cadence for features. These feature releases will be in addition to normal bug fixes that will be periodically released to address issues or security vulnerabilities.


The documentation process at 46 Labs is different from SwitchRay in that we focus on living documents, which reside in our support portal. These are online user manuals and not PDFs, which makes the documentation process faster and allows us to embed rich content, like training videos and how-to workflows. It also means that you don’t have to wait for documentation to be updated, as it will continually be updated with useful and relevant information.


Wait 'Til You See What We Have In Store

You're Gonna Love the View

Now that the dust has settled from the SwitchRay acquisition and you are officially a part of the 46 Labs family, we wanted to share our vision SwitchRay family of products.


You may be wondering why we ever wanted to bring SwitchRay products into our business. Two reasons:  you the customer and the strong intellectual property.

With our company’s “customer focused” culture we can bring a breath of fresh air to those customers that have been loyal to these products. Let’s face it: the SwitchRay product line are the most stable softswitch products around but the intellectual property really hasn’t evolved to keep pace with market innovation and competition.

That’s where we come in. We remain at the forefront of engineering in the IP Voice space and we can leverage our aggressive and innovative development style to expand upon the stable workhorse foundation that SwitchRay products pioneered years ago. We believe this union of innovation and stability can allow us to bring industry changing technology to the carrier space.


So here is our high-level overview how the end of 2016 and 2017 will look like from a product perspective. We are very excited about this direction and believe you will be excited too.


  • Stabilize the current customer base with responsive reliable support
  • Educate users to how to interact with our sales and support teams

We hand-picked our support team, not only because they have years of experience with the SwitchRay products, but because they represent the customer-focused ethos that our existing Peeredge customer experience every day. They are also very familiar with supporting other aspects of telephony, including hardware and networking.


  • Customer base and support engineering talent in Nizhny Novgorod
  • Represent the core support team for all SwitchRay products worldwide
  • Will complete the on-boarding process for these engineers by December 31, 2016


Now support issues can be looked at from a holistic approach, and not just specifically related to the core switching software. Given that 46 Labs maintains its own global network and over 400 physical servers in our company-owned data centers, we understand many things that pure software-only companies do not. We intend to leverage that experience to improve support to former SwitchRay customers.

Stay tuned for our next email on Monday and hear about our plans for 2017. Hint: it includes upgrades!

Operating a Cracked License? 46 Labs Offers to Look the Other Way with Limited-Time Amnesty Program

Customers now have an affordable solution to become compliant with 'no questions asked’

Austin, TX (December 6, 2016) 46 Labs LLC, a recognized leader in telecommunications infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS), announced today they would be offering a limited-time amnesty program to softswitch customers who may be operating illegal or modified versions of the former SwitchRay telecom software. This unique program will allow those who wish to be compliant an affordable solution.

On September 15, 2016, a consortium led by 46 Labs acquired all of the assets of SwitchRay Inc. This included the global intellectual property rights for the all SwitchRay products. These rights include the software previously sold by MERA Systems and Aloe Systems, specifically the MVTS and RTU product lines. 

“We understand that there have been many situations where customers with legitimate licensing may have either lost their licenses or had to resort to measures to extend the life of their dongles (or disable them altogether) outside of what is legally permissible under the product licensing agreement,” stated Trevor Francis, CEO of 46 Labs.

Within the SwitchRay contract, licenses could expire if maintenance agreements were not renewed in a timely fashion. This practice was originally put into place to control who was entitled to software upgrades, but had the unintended consequences of disabling customers with perpetual licensing. Furthermore, customers that predated SwitchRay may not have elected to upgrade to the latest software versions for fear that their switching would eventually stop working.

Given the nature of how SwitchRay purchased and transferred the Aloe/MERA customer base along with the subsequent wind down of the company in 2016, this has led to industry wide confusion and a segment of the market functioning by running illegal, cracked or otherwise modified versions of the software. While this activity is in direct violation of the intellectual property rights acquired by the 46 Labs consortium, certain customers may have had to resort to extraordinary measures to maintain their businesses due to either onerous pricing charged by SwitchRay or unreasonable terms.

Due to these occurrences, 46 Labs has elected to put into place a limited amnesty program for the segment of the industry that may be in violation of the intellectual property rights of 46 Labs. Under this program, individuals or companies may contact 46 Labs and convert their illegitimate licenses into legitimate licenses with a release of liability for past activities. The one condition that will be required to perform this activity is to enter into a maintenance and support agreement with 46 Labs. A perpetual license will be granted for the capacity that is covered under this agreement at no cost. The maintenance agreements will be priced at a yearly cost of 20% of the legitimate licensing pricing and can be structured into monthly payments. The goal of this program is to offer those who wish to be compliant an affordable and straight forward method to do so. Once under a maintenance agreement, customers will be given the right to utilize our 24/7/365 support team and be entitled to all new maintenance and security releases.

 This limited-time program expires February 15, 2017.  This allows users over 60 days to complete the contracting process. Please contact to enroll in this amnesty program.

MVTS Solutions Engineers Join 46 Labs Team

MVTS Solutions brings vital industry knowledge further enhancing 46 Labs exceptional engineering team and creating an advanced telecommunications powerhouse 

AUSTIN, TX (December 2, 2016) MVTS Solutions and 46 Labs entered into an agreement on December 1, 2016 to transition all the MVTS Solutions engineering staff into the 46 Labs organization, a recognized leader in telecommunications infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS). This staff represents 10 members of the former SwitchRay support team. These team members will augment the 46 Labs support organization in North America and Europe.

On September 15, 2016, a consortium led by 46 Labs acquired all of the assets of SwitchRay Inc. The addition of the MVTS Solutions engineers will bolster 46 Labs’ exceptional support team and provide a familiar face for former SwitchRay customers to interact with.

“We are very excited to welcome our new team members and look forward to incorporating their extensive experience with the MVTS and RTU product lines into our company,” said Trevor Francis, CEO of 46 Labs. 

This agreement will allow 46 Labs to expand its 24/7/365 support to its other offerings, including the Peeredge Hosted platform, which consistently handles over a billion phone calls per day, routing in excess of ten thousand calls per second. The expertise of the MVTS Solution engineers amplifies 46 Labs’ advanced engineering and brings valuable tribal knowledge, including legacy telecom products formerly marketed and sold by Aloe Systems and by MERA.  46 Labs is the sole provider and only authorized source for SwitchRay customers to receive official maintenance and support service.

About 46 Labs LLC

46 Labs is a leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure and services to carriers and the Fortune 1000. The 46 Labs difference is its attention to simplicity, scalability and customer service. It is that approach that allows the company to power over 1 billion phone calls per day across its network and have deployments for some of the largest companies in the world.  For more information on 46 Labs’ communications service platforms, please visit and/or email

For Media inquiries contact



46 Labs LLC Enters Into Exclusive Wholesale Telecom Agreement With TSI

AUSTIN, TX (DECEMBER 01, 2016) 46 Labs LLC, a recognized leader in telecommunications infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS), announced today they have entered into a long term agreement with Televergence Solutions, Inc. (TSI), a leading domestic telecommunications provider, to supply next generation switching solutions.

This agreement with Televergence further strengthens 46 Labs’ leadership position in the wholesale telephony service industry. 46 Labs’ hosted platform, Peeredge, handles over a billion phone calls per day, routing in excess of ten thousand calls per second. In September, a consortium, led by 46 Labs LLC, acquired the worldwide assets of Orange County, CA based SwitchRay Incorporated, a Class 4/5 software switch provider. In completing this acquisition, 46 Labs is now the sole provider and only authorized source for former SwitchRay customers to receive official licenses, maintenance and support service.

“We are glad that 46 Labs’ has stepped up as a long term platform and support solution for existing and past SwitchRay customers,” stated Deborah Ward, founder and CEO of Televergence.

"We are excited to be able to provide Televergence with the proper solution to help them grow their business and meet their deployment needs,” commented Trevor Francis, CEO of 46 Labs. “Over the years, we have built a solid reputation for providing a powerful suite of telecom products custom tailored to meet the needs of our customers. We look forward to helping Televergence achieve their business goals."

About TSI
Televergence attributes over 30 years of success to quality and competitively priced products, complemented with a personalized style of account management and customer service. Televergence has long maintained that highly trained technical account and support staff should significantly outnumber sales and marketing personnel. The company was founded and is managed by the CEO, Deborah Ward, whose integrity and reputation is exemplary in the telecommunications space. She is the first and current Chairwoman of INCOMPAS (formerly known as Comptel), the industry’s leading competitive telecommunications trade organization. The Company’s technical team is familiar with most legacy and next-gen platforms; including Dialogic, Acculabs, Brooktrout, Nortel, Avaya, and Asterisk. The company maintains multiple facilities across the nation including on-premise TDM to SIP conversion capabilities for legacy customer platforms.

About 46 Labs LLC
46 Labs is a leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure and services to carriers and the Fortune 1000. The 46 Labs difference is its attention to simplicity, scalability and customer service. It is that approach that allows the company to power over 1 billion phone calls per day across its network and have deployments for some of the largest companies in the world.  For more information on 46 Labs’ communications service platforms, please visit and/or email sales(at)46labs(dot)com.

For Media inquiries contact

46 Labs LLC Breathes New Life into Legacy Softswitch Business Through Global Acquisition

SwitchRay’s global customer base benefits from 46 Labs advanced engineering teams to provide continuing support and service at a critical time

SwitchRay’s global customer base benefits from 46 Labs advanced engineering teams to provide continuing support and service at a critical time

Austin, TX (October 18, 2016) – Late last month, a consortium led by 46 Labs LLC, a recognized leader in telecommunications infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS), acquired the worldwide assets of Orange County-CA-based SwitchRay Incorporated for an undisclosed amount.

As a part of their commitment to offer advanced commercial telephony, 46 Labs’ products consistently handles over a billion phone calls per day, routing in excess of ten thousand calls per second on their hosted platform, Peeredge. The timing of the acquisition was ideal for 46 Labs as they were able to step into a service gap to aid SwitchRay’s customers. Three years prior, SwitchRay had acquired the telecom products formerly marketed and sold by Aloe Systems and by MERA, a pioneer in software switch technology.

“With this acquisition we are able to amplify our expertise into the next-generation of voice platforms and improve upon the SwitchRay suite of software products,” commented Trevor Francis, CEO of 46 Labs. “Simply put, we plan to make an already good set of products even better.”

46 Labs is the sole provider and only authorized source for SwitchRay customers to receive official maintenance and support service. Staffed by a responsive customer-centric support team, 46 Labs is ready to assist any customers who may have fallen in the cracks during the transition period. SwitchRay customers are invited to contact 46 Labs with any support or license questions at:

About 46 Labs LLC

46 Labs is a leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure and services to carriers and the Fortune 1000. The 46 Labs difference is its attention to simplicity, scalability and customer service. It is that approach that allows the company to power over 1 billion phone calls per day across its network and have deployments for some of the largest companies in the world.  For more information on 46 Labs’ communications service platforms, please visit and/or email

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