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Voice orchestrator
Hear. Cloud and Clear.
Deploy the software-defined voice (SDV) stack that includes a fully featured session border controller (SBC), intelligent routing engine, and real-time analytics and diagnostics package.
Drag. Drop. Deploy
PeerEdge® Voice Orchestrators are provider and environment neutral, with the flexibility to live inside private clouds, bare metal hardware, public clouds, Managed Hosting, and Edge Devices.

Connect to existing voice providers in remote locations or leverage Global Voice Services to securely exchange voice connectivity between The Fabric and remote locations.
Certified. Easy to connect. Protected.
PeerEdge® Voice Orchestrators are Microsoft Teams® certified for both media processing and media bypass, and have been tested with every major voice equipment vendor, cloud contact center, voice application, and cloud conferencing provider. The Fabric feeds real-time filtering databases to Voice Orchestrators, which block bad actors, spam traffic, and intrusion attempts at the edge.
High Performance. Intelligent. Regulatory Compliant.
Designed to connect and exchange intelligence information with all Orchestrators in the Fabric, allows for voice and network analytics to be overlaid to optimize performance and simplify voice environments.

Privacy restricted data can live on Voice Orchestrators, and be strategically placed in regulatory-sensitive environments like Europe, China and India, while maintaining full compliance with local data locality rules.
PeerEdge® Voice Fabric Extenders include all features available in PeerEdge® Data Fabric Extenders.
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