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The PeerEdge® Fabric
Every machine speaks to every machine.
Join the software-defined mesh of private voice and data connectivity leveraged by enterprises as their global backbone for all infrastructure, remote locations, and users privately.
Get Connected. Privately and Securely.
The Fabric contains highly redundant private connections to global service providers. Once connected to PeerEdge® Fabric Extenders, data and voice are exchanged freely and securely across the globe.
Those in the business trust us to run their business.
The PeerEdge® fabric is relied on by hundreds of services providers to power their connectivity every day.
Service Provider clients
The future is cloudy. The
way forward is clear.
The Peeredge® Fabric exists to improve the business lives of IT administrators and those they support.
Simplicity and Scalability
Built on a flat network topology, connect every device every device without multiple layers of routing or complex configurations.
Zero Trust
Traffic exchanged within The Fabric is encrypted everywhere, with added Micro-segmentation capabilities that limit lateral movement for potential intruders that already exist within corporate networks.
Easy to Implement
Natively designed Voice Orchestrators and Data Orchestrators plug into The Fabric and interact with nearly all voice and data workloads, applications, and equipment instantly.
Analyzed and Optimized
Easily monitor and optimize voice and data performance utilizing The Fabric Portal, giving complete visibility to the flow of their global connectivity.
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
Consolidate all voice and data WAN functions into a single easy to manage platform. eliminating the need for multiple vendors and tooling.
Resilience and Redundancy
The Fabric boasts highly redundant infrastructure, connections and protocols. Paired with HA Voice and Data Orchestrators and geographically diverse Fabric Local Loops, enterprises can architect a self-healing network able to tolerate any failure gracefully.
Change everything
without changing
The PeerEdge® Fabric is pluggable with any voice or data workload, allowing enterprises to unleash the power of true edge connectivity, without taking on a rebuild.

At scale. Across the world. All at once.
Site to Site Data
Site to Cloud Data
Protected Internet Services to Site
Global Voice Services to PBX and Microsoft Team
Global Voice Services to Cloud Contact Center
Site Connectivity to Microsoft Teams
TEchnical details
The PeerEdge® Fabric leverages best of breed foundational facilities, interconnections, and infrastructure. The software that powers The Fabric is developed by 46 Labs’ world-class engineers. 46 Labs has partnered with Equinix, the largest-vendor neutral datacenter provider, for the datacenter environment that powers The Fabric. Equinix maintains the largest concentration of interconnection partners and institutes the same industry leading security, sustainability and design philosophies as 46 Labs.
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All PeerEdge® Fabric Facilities are interconnected using highly redundant private fiber links. Each Fabric Region is privately peered to 1000+ service provider networks and all global public cloud providers.

These interconnections allow The Fabric to be physically extended to remote locations using Fabric Local Loops without ever touching the public internet.

The Fabric is interconnected over the Internet using Voice Orchestrators or Data Orchestrators. These Orchestrators can be deployed inside existing enterprise environments, Managed Hosting or Managed Edge Devices.


New facilities are added into The Fabric nearly every month and available to interconnect to within The Fabric Portal.


To meet sustainability targets, the physical infrastructure that powers The PeerEdge® Fabric is evaluated to establish the highest PUE per facility.

To ensure maximum computer-per-watt, dense quad-socket servers, enterprise flash storage and redundant 3-phase power is used globally. We deploy Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Juniper Networks hardware, capitalizing on their industry leading global supply chains and support channels.

Data architecture

The PeerEdge® Fabric leverages a combination of spine/leaf physical switching with a proprietary routing and SDN technology developed inside 46 Labs. Unlike traditional IP Fabrics, packets are encrypted and encapsulated on software Orchestrators instead of physical switches or routers. Orchestrators are then deployed inside any enterprise or cloud environment without special network configuration or hardware. The packets flow encrypted and encapsulated over The Fabric with minimal intervention, as MAC addresses are treated as routes.

The core SDN technology utilises EVPN-VXLAN for data and control planes and DPDK for packet acceleration. This enables infinite loop-free software defined network segmentation.

Each element that participates in the Fabric sends real-time analytics, which are used to consistently optimise the network paths over The Fabric. Protected Internet Services leverage

The Fabric’s data service provider networks to create a DDOS and Malware-protected connection to the Internet, which is encapsulated and delivered over Data Orchestrators to enterprise data networks or applications. Deeper detail on the core technology that powers The Fabric can be found inside Data Orchestrators.

Voice architecture

Most enterprises treat voice payloads as simply another application that rides on top of an IP network. Real-time voice communications (RTC) are generally the first workloads to be affected by network congestion or outages, and require greater attention. The PeerEdge® Fabric provide voice with the attention it requires, at all layers. Starting with Voice Orchestrators. Historically, enterprises rely on session border controllers (SBCs) to move voice between different applications. SBCs act as routers and firewalls between trusted and untrusted networks and are deployed in only a few strategic locations.

This architecture is problematic as a failure can happen anywhere in the network and it’s difficult to determine exactly where it’s occurring. To avoid this, we push all voice processing to the edge, where it’s consumed. The edge can be a cloud contact center, Microsoft Teams®, a local PBX or any other voice application.

All Voice Orchestrators participate in concert to optimize call quality between applications and send real-time analytics, which are used to consistently improve voice paths over The Fabric. Global Voice Services leverage The Fabric’s voice service provider networks to gain access to highly redundant global voice numbering and services, which is encapsulated and delivered over Voice Orchestrator to enterprise voice networks or applications.

Deeper detail on the core technology that powers The Fabric can be found inside Voice Orchestrators
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