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Reputation Management
In the business of building trust
Understanding the critical importance of maintaining and enhancing your business's digital presence is half of the battle. Our reputation management solutions are designed to build trust with your stakeholders, ensuring your brand remains reliable and respected in the marketplace.
Reputation Matters, we've got you covered...
Branded Calling
Due to the rise of robocall and spam traffic, 80% of all outbound enterprise voice calls are ignored by the receivers. To overcome this issue, a new breed of branded calling has emerged called RCD (Rich Call Data). RCD securely validates the sender of voice calls and allows display of an enterprises name, callback number, image/logo and reason for calling
46 Labs supports end-to-end Rich Call Data and can serve as the validation agent to securely deliver RCD calls from enterprise UC/PBXs and contact centers to end stakeholders on mobile networks
Number Monitoring
Enterprises who make high volume outbound calls often run into situations where their numbers are mistakenly blocked by carriers because they resemble robocalls. It can be a huge headache trying to unblock these numbers, only to find that they quickly are blocked again
46 Labs monitors the performance of every number traversing the Peeredge™ Enterprise platform, notifies administrators of potential problems, and takes corrective action with PSTN carriers
Spam Prevention
Robocalls and spam callers can frustrate users to the point of refusing to answer unknown phone numbers. This can be problematic for  enterprises, especially those in regulated industries. In some cases, high  volume robocalls can create a TDOS (Telephone Denial of Service Attack) on  infrastructure and block access to corporate voice networks
The 46 Labs Peeredge® Enterprise Platform employs the world’s most sophisticated filtering, triggering and robocall mitigation technology in use today. This is the same technology that global carriers use to protect  their networks.
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