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Unified Communications Integrations
Collaboration everytime, everywhere
Unified Communications Integrations (UCI) solutions are designed to streamline your communication tools, ensuring your team stays connected and collaborative, regardless of their location. The PeerEdge platform allows enterprises to manage all their UCI infrastructure through a single interface, creating efficiency in the management of multiple solutions.
Microsoft teams
Enterprises are actively migrating to Microsoft Teams® while simultaneously operating premise infrastructure. This can lead to migration challenges, dead phone numbers and users unable to place or receive calls. Enterprises also face problems with integrating Microsoft Active Directory or external SSOs for user authentication
46 Labs is the only managed network provider with their own in-house SBC certified for Microsoft Teams® direct routing. This provides a deeper level of connectivity into Microsoft Azure and direct access to Teams engineers on-demand. Ultimately, this leads to smoother migrations and more resilient service
Contact Centers
Enterprises are undergoing a digital transformation to cloud-based and hybrid contact center platforms. These migrations often involve a delicate dance of moving and monitoring critical numbers between premise systems and the cloud. This is a manual process that leads to errors and outages
46 Labs maintain connections into every major cloud contact center provider, including Genesys, Five 9s, Nice InContact and Amazon Connect. The Peeredge Enterprise platform makes migrations between premise and cloud systems as simple as a button click. Calls are automatically redirected requiring no coordination with outside carriers or session border controllers.
Premise Equipment
Global management of premise equipment and connectivity is incredibly challenging. M&A active enterprises with limited staff spend most of their time fighting fires, leaving little time for improvement
46 Labs enables global pluggable connectivity into Peeredge® Enterprise. Devices that are SIP-enabled can be provisioned dynamically  while TDM-based devices can be plugged into 46 Labs EMGs (Edge Media Gateway) and instantly managed
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