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Protected Internet Services 
Secure, From the Core
Centrally managed and protected internet access for Enterprises. Secure internet connectivity originating in the core of the PeerEdge® Fabric and moving out to remote locations.  
The Internet, Inside Out.
Most Enterprise IT Administrators approach security from the “outside-in” placing focus on protecting against outside intruders from gaining access to the inside of the network. Firewalls and firewall rules protect sites from unauthorized access at branch locations. SD-WAN often increases management overhead and can’t protect against DDOS attacks at the branch level.

Protected Internet solves for the traditional "outside-in" approach to unauthorized access and intruders.  by moving internet access from external locations and originates it at the core of The PeerEdge® Fabric.
A new kind of protection.
The localized connection to the Internet inside The PeerEdge™ Fabric, allows enterprise users to receive multi-carrier redundancy across a large pool of peering, content, and Tier-1 Internet providers

A sophisticated real-time threat database filters ingress and egress malicious actors centrally, without the need to deploy rules at the branch level.

Traffic analytics are gathered for each endpoint and internet traffic sources, providing IT Administrators a holistic view of how users are consuming Internet resources across the enterprise.
Now you See Me. Now You Don’t.
Traditional DDOS vendors mitigate attacks through a combination of large bandwidth connections and traffic filtering. This is quite good for applications that require a consistent IP address or DNS name. Internet access for users, however, is different. Traffic can flow to and from The Internet using any IP address.

This allows Protected Internet Service to handle DDOS protection differently. If an attack is detected against any Fabric-enabled IP endpoint, a new endpoint in a different range is automatically assigned to the endpoint and the existing IP is blackhole routed. This is accomplished transparently to users consuming connectivity over The Fabric. 
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