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Global Management
Think Locally, Scale Globally
We empower your enterprise to navigate diverse regulatory landscapes, cultural differences, and logistical challenges, ensuring you can deliver results, no matter where your business takes you.
Worldwide Numbering
A small group of IT managers are often responsible for the global  numbering footprint of a multinational enterprise. This involves the daunting task of managing and troubleshooting numerous carriers, interconnections, and infrastructure spread across a large geographic footprint
46 Labs can order and manage numbers in nearly every country worldwide. Peeredge Enterprise can also be plugged into existing carrier interconnects and enterprises can manage global numbering from a single interface
Number Portability Management
Robocalls and spam callers can frustrate users to the point of refusing to answer unknown phone numbers. This can be problematic for  enterprises, especially those in regulated industries. In some cases, high  volume robocalls can create a TDOS (Telephone Denial of Service Attack) on  infrastructure and block access to corporate voice networks
Local Number Portability, as well as 800 number portability (in markets where porting is allowed) is supported through the 46Labs Peeredge® Enterprise Platform and provides the Enterprise with a user Interface to optimize the speed, accuracy, and management of the porting process. 46 Lab’s leverages its Carrier status to approach this port activity at a Carrier-to-Carrier level, vs an Enterprise to Carrier port reques
Global Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting voice traffic on a global scale is an incredibly challenging task and few enterprises attempt it at scale. This causes IT managers to be at the mercy of opening tickets with carriers and waiting for a response
The 46 Labs Peeredge platform centrally tracks voice quality, call  paths, CDRs and diagnostic PCAPs on every call that is processed globally. This is an always-on solution that tracks call diagnostics within 1 minute of completion and is historically available for calls that were processed months or years in the past
Emergency services & E911
Enterprises that operate MLTS (Multi-line telephone systems) are required to be Ray Baum's Act + Kari's Law compliant. All static address mapping and secondary notice recipients are managed within the Peeredge Enterprise Platform
Dynamic Location Routing + Nomadic Users
United States and Canada numbering can be enabled for Dynamic Location Routing (DLR) for ELIN-based population of locational information as well as PIDF-LO dynamic address population. This is supported on all compatible  PBXs as well as cloud UC solutions such as Microsoft Teams
Vendor Neutral E911 Enablement
The Peeredge Enterprise Platform can enable E911 and DLR numbering + addressing for 3rd party providers managed by the platform
Regulatory Compliance
The global regulatory environment on voice traffic and data storage
is complex. IT managers often architect a solution, only to find that it runs afoul of local regulators. The financial risk to the enterprise for rule violations can be significant
46 Labs maintains a regulatory team to both monitor rule changes 
and work with local regulators to solve complex enterprise connectivity challenges. This is the same team that supports global telecom carriers in their compliance efforts
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