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Global Voice Services 
Connected. Performant.
Join the private ecosystem of voice operators living inside the PeerEdge® Fabric for single-hop traversal to the network edge of the world’s largest global operators, all over protected transport. 
Voice Services + Numbering
Order numbering, port existing numbering, setup emergency services (where applicable) and send and receive voice traffic from any location serviced by The Fabric. 46 Labs connectivity can replace or augment existing carrier interconnections and enterprises can move traffic seamlessly across The Fabric to any globally connected endpoint.  
Network Diversity
Each connected country inside The PeerEdge™ Fabric is powered by multiple carrier interconnects. Carrier diversity is established over a common transport. Outbound traffic is automatically balanced across a diverse carrier environment, while inbound numbering can be split between multiple operators simultaneously. All numbering and interconnections are natively managed inside The Fabric Portal.  
Single Bill Simplicity
Global Voice Services operate across hundreds of global voice operators in nearly 200 countries. Enterprises partnered with 46 Labs manage all operators a single currency, simplifying vendor management, foreign exchange, and global technical support.  
Global Compliance
46 Labs maintains a compliance team to assist enterprises in maintaining network compliance in regulatory sensitive markets like China, Europe and India. The PeerEdge™ Fabric allows enterprises to store privacy restricted data in specific geographies while also maintaining reference call topologies that pass regulatory scrutiny. Additionally, other non-geographic standards like HIPAA, PCI, FISC, NIST/FISMA, CCPI and GDPR are supported with Global Voice Services. 
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