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46 Labs CEO featured in Forbes Advisor, Best VPN For Netflix

Original article: Best VPN For Netflix (2023)

While Netflix has content libraries in 190 countries, they are geo-restricted. To bypass Netflix’s restrictions to watch a documentary, movie or show from another country or keep up with shows whenever abroad, you’ll need the best VPN for Netflix.

The best Netflix VPNs also bypass strong firewalls in countries that restrict content, allowing you to stream a wide range of Netflix libraries with good speed without exposing your data to governments or hackers.

We’ve compiled the best VPNs for Netflix to show you those that have secure servers, optimum speed and allow you to stream Netflix on different devices.

How To Choose the Best VPN for Netflix

For a smooth streaming experience, consider factors such as security, streaming compatibility, speed and performance and device compatibility when choosing a VPN for Netflix.

These are the features to look out for when considering VPN features.

The security background of each VPN is paramount.

Geo-blocks and streaming capability: Since your reason for using a VPN is to access foreign streaming libraries, choose one that can bypass Netflix’s VPN detection mechanisms. Ensure it has a proven record of working consistently with Netflix or even dedicated servers to bypass streaming services’ geo-restrictions.

Security features: “Although VPNs create a secure connection over unsecured internet infrastructure, some can expose you to malware and DDoS attacks.

That’s why researching the security background of each VPN is paramount,” says Trevor Francis, CEO of 46Labs. Choose a VPN with industry-standard encryption protocols and security features including a kill switch, DNS protection and ad and malware blocking, and make sure it’s committed to security improvements and bug fixes.

Multi-server availability: For better speed and performance, choose a VPN with vast server locations across several countries. Also, confirm that the VPN provider has servers in your preferred location, where the Netflix library is. For example, if you want to access U.S. Netflix, the VPN requires servers in the United States.

Multi-device compatibility: Ensure the VPN offers apps or clients and setup guides for your streaming systems or devices.

Simultaneous connections: Choose a VPN that supports simultaneous connections on multiple devices, especially if you plan to use more than one device at a time or share your VPN account.

Free trial or money-back guarantee: You’ll need to test a VPN with Netflix to see if it works well for you. So, consider choosing a provider that offers a trial period or at least a money-back guarantee.

Strict no-logs policy: “Another tip is to look for a VPN that doesn’t retain user logs or activities. Also, select your Netflix VPN based on audit transparency and history. Check whether or not the VPN service has undergone a validated audit. Can you find its audit history on the site?” —Tony Giles.

Your chosen VPN provider should adhere to a policy preventing it from storing your data, especially when the company is in a Five Eyes country. Even if it collects your data, it shouldn’t be of your activities and should be temporary.

Speed and Performance

VPNs will always degrade the speed of your internet connection somewhat. However, it shouldn’t slow it down too much, especially since you need the VPN for streaming and won’t want to experience a lot of buffering. Now, VPN providers are hardly truthful about their speed, so use a speed tester such as Speedtest to see how well a VPN performs when you’re streaming Netflix. If the difference is much, consider another provider.


An intuitive interface makes it easy to use a VPN to stream Netflix, especially if you’re using a VPN for the first time. Find out how easy a VPN is. Ask questions such as these:

Do you have to log in with your credentials each time?

Is there a quick connect button?

Can you customise your settings?

Must you reset the settings each time?

VPN Cost

The cost of VPNs varies, depending on features, add-ons, contract terms, ongoing promotions and billing types. Weigh the cost against the privacy and security offerings and of course, its streaming capability. Also, consider the differences between initial and subsequent payments.

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Trevor Francis
CEO, 46 Labs
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