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Managed Voice Fabric
Always On Voice Connectivity
Future proofed voice infrastructure designed to modernize legacy networks.
SIP Interconnects
Carrier voice networks are consistently under attack from DDOS and TDOS attacks, rendering connections to its customers and vendors impaired. DDOS mitigation platforms are expensive, introduce latency and make troubleshooting between endpoints difficult
46 Labs created the Peeredge® Voice Fabric for trusted interconnections to be established over encrypted end-to-end transport. By leveraging a private IP network DDOS attacks are not possible and real-time voice workloads can be accelerated between endpoints. Fabric Onramps are setup to encrypt traffic across ingress and egress points, ensuring tenants inside the fabric cannot comingle traffic
TDM Interconnects
Long haul TDM circuits to LEC tandems and end offices have become cost prohibitive for carriers to operate.  In many cases the transport costs have risen by a factor of 5 to 10x, skyrocketing network costs for regulated voice operators
46 Labs leverages the Peeredge® Voice Fabric to extend the encrypted edge to LEC peering tandems. Managed media gateways perform IP to TDM conversion on-premise and the LEC peering tandems deliver the calls through LATA tandems to carrier end offices. All this happens inside a turnkey solution. Carriers participating in the fabric simply specify the quantity of capacity (T1/DS3) they need to a particular LEC’s (OCN) geographic region (LATA). Stir/Shaken certification/validation is performed at the point of TDM to SIP conversion, ensuring end-to-end number validatio
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