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Voice Management Platform
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Elevate your communication strategy and simplify the management and enhancement of your voice services.
Flexible SIP Capacity
Carriers are tasked with forecasting voice capacity based upon outlier events and seasonality that causes them to over-purchase infrastructure for edge case scenarios. The ecosystem of routing, rating, analytics, network, and reporting must be equally expanded to successfully operate a carrier business. This leads to inflexibility and unnecessary organizational overhead.
The Peeredge® Wholesale Voice platform allows carriers to deploy a full-stack carrier management solution capable of rating, routing, reporting, diagnosing and switching SIP voice traffic on-demand. Peeredge® can be deployed at the carrier edge or hosted within 46 Labs datacenters.
Global Routing + Rating
Carriers generally utilize separate infrastructure and systems for routing and rating domestic (United States + Canada) and International (Rest of World) traffic. This leads to operational complexity and makes swap agreements between carriers difficult to administer
The Peeredge® Wholesale Voice platform includes the world’s most sophisticated routing and rating platform, capable of all origination and termination routing and rating across a global footprint. Domestic specific routing including LERG, LATA, OCN and list-based and  rule-based routing can route blended traffic in-stream to an unlimited number of endpoints and supports conversational and short duration workloads. International static, LCR and Origin-based routing are supported alongside emergency services and special service based routing
Fraud Prevention
Carrier organizations spend a large percentage of their time preventing fraud across their network. This includes robocall mitigation, number spoofing, traffic pumping, hacked customer endpoints and unusual international calling patterns
The Peeredge® Wholesale Voice platform provides intelligent machine learning based fraud prevention capable of blocking in-stream bad actors, without requiring carrier or trunk group suspension. This includes robocall spam, domestic call spoofing, international call spoofing, access stimulation, unusual traffic patterns and known fraud SIP endpoints
Realtime Visibility + Troubleshooting
Carrier networks are fragmented and geographically diverse. This makes it difficult to consolidate traffic performance monitoring and call troubleshooting. Carrier voice managers find themselves being very reactive to problems, rather than preventing outages before they occur
The Peeredge® Wholesale Voice platform consolidates voice reporting for every network element, customer, vendor, and number inside a carrier network, regardless of geographic location. IT managers can get a real-time picture of their entire network from a single place. Calls can be troubleshooted network-wide from one interface.
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