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46 Labs CEO featured on Telecom Reseller Podcast

Updating the past to create a bigger future: modernizing copper legacy networks, 46Labs Podcast

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Updating the last century’s last mile

“It has to start at the edge and then work towards the core,” says 46 Labs CEO, Trevor Francis. But the edge is large, and migration can be costly. At a moment when we are discussing the possibilities of AI, a 5G enabled hybrid workforce and CPaaS, telecoms and enterprises can’t ignore a giant legacy infrastructure investment, the enormous copper legacy networks.

In this podcast, Francis outlines the problems carriers and enterprises are facing this modernization process. We take on compliance issues, with an eye to the still existing regulatory framework that exists. Francis tells us about approaches that begin in the core.

“It’s a little bit of pull and a little bit of push,” says Francis of the step by step, phase by phase process. “The last mile has to be replaced,” Francis outlines, but we learn that there are so many systems that any migration impacts, that organizations must look at each step.

We learn how 46 Labs can help in this by offering ways to avoid having a complete rip and replace.

46 Labs can solve for outdated network issues in real time without having to overhaul the entire system. While replacing the network is the ideal choice, those who cannot make the massive change must turn to software providers who can monitor and update network technology that poses a risk to users.

Trevor Francis
CEO, 46 Labs
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