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Why the Telecom Market is Behind on AI Adoption, 46 Labs Podcast

October 5, 2023 AI, Douglas Green, Podcasts, Press Releases

CPaaS is designed to provide businesses with the tools to implement communication features into their existing software without having to build them from scratch and can improve SMS and MMS services. CPaaS is being advertised as the new UCaaS, offering new capabilities and easier upkeep. Meanwhile AI is growing in use in the telecom market. However, many carriers don’t quite know where to begin. AI can help telcos identify problems before they occur, and help carriers take proactive steps to prevent outages and provide customers instant assistance. Trevor Francis, Founder and CEO of 46 Labs, has built voice and data networks on four continents, and has multiple decades of experience developing cutting-edge digital transformation solutions for large enterprises and service providers. In this podcast Trevor takes us on an overview of the practical application of these technologies and offers insight on how 46Labs is working with their clients.

46 Labs orchestrates the world’s connectivity™. Powered by the industry leading PeerEdge® Connectivity Fabric and providing the only unified platform to manage global connectivity, 46 Labs enables IT leaders to deliver value and efficiency through its suite of digital infrastructure and business connectivity solutions. Industry innovators in healthcare, telecom, finance, retail, transportation, manufacturing, education, and government rely on 46 Labs to bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure that powers their success. Learn more information about 46 Labs at

Trevor Francis
CEO, 46 Labs
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