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The fabric portal
Unified Global Management
The only platform for total global connectivity. Vendor and carrier neutral, manage all your voice and data connections through single log-in.  
Orchestrate Global Connectivity From Anywhere  
Complex voice and data connectivity, Numbering, and Emergency Services + E911 management lives in The Fabric Portal, providing advanced reporting and diagnostics on demand, any time, any location.  
Connection Management:
Centrally manage all global SIP connections processed by PeerEdge® Voice Orchestrators, including private connections to protected workloads like PBXs, contact centers and cloud platforms like Microsoft Teams™ and Zoom.
Traffic Load Balancing + Failover
Voice connections are setup to provide failover redundancy, load balancing and trunk level monitoring for global connectivity resilience.
Performance Alerts + Monitoring
The PeerEdge Fabric monitors traffic flow over connections for anomalies such as completion ratios, average lengths of calls, uptime, MOS scores, voice spend, and more.
Numbering + Emergency Service
Enterprises manage all global numbering within The Fabric Portal. Emergency service addresses are paired to numbering and failover scenarios are setup to provide per-number resiliency.
Traffic Analytics
The unified dashboard for traffic analytics within The Fabric Portal gives a single view of global call performance across all extenders simultaneously.
Call Debugging + Global Live Call View
Administrators have the ability to perform deep analysis at any time with centralized CDR management, and diagnostic PCAPs on all voice calls.
Routing Management
Centralized Global Route Management
Centralized management of all routing logic, regardless of quantity of Fabric Extenders and location. Realtime global update of routing rules.
Numbering Management
Unified number management for inbound routing and rating.
Automatic Analytic Route Adjustment
Realtime analytics sent from PeerEdge® Voice Orchestrators allow The PeerEdge® Fabric to perform routing adjustments based upon machine learning rulesets with no user intervention.
Fallback Routing Rules
The ability to setup primary tiered routing rules, which then fall back to backup rulesets on failure condition.
Master Codelist Routing
All traffic is instantly categorized using a master codelist, which allows users to map prefixes to destination and adjust routing by destination, instead of prefix.
Zero Touch Update of Peeredge®
Voice Fabric Extenders
The PeerEdge Fabric maintains real-time communication with all global Orchestrators for zero touch routing adjustments. If connection to the cloud is ever lost, Voice Orchestrators will continue to operate in standalone mode with no impact to call processing.
Voice analytics
Multi-variable Analytics
Realtime calculation of Attempts, Completions, Minutes, ASR, ACD, NER, Financials, NEPR, SDR, MOS Scores, PDD and Routing Depth
Performance Trending
Graphing shows all real-time statistics mapped against yesterday and last week’s performance.
Performance Triggers:
Tunable triggers for increases or drops in ASR, ALOC, Attempts, Completions, MOS scores, Financial, Ports, CPS, and SDR.
ANI Reporting
Track all common callers across the platform, regardless of originating customer, vendor, or Voice Fabric Extender.
DNIS Reporting
Track all common callees across the platform, regardless of originating endpoint, vendor, or Voice Orchestrator.
Destination Reporting
Track destination performance, including country, operator, LATA, OCN, and traffic jurisdiction.
Endpoint Latency Monitoring
All endpoints connected to PeerEdge® Voice Orchestrators are monitored for latency, uptime, performance.
Capacity Monitoring
Monitor all allocated CPS and session counts in real-time across all Voice Orchestrators, with alerting for endpoints that are operating at capacity.
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