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Voice Hosting
Modern Solutions for Legacy Technology
Voice infrastructure solutions built to modernize legacy carrier networks.
Fabric Onramp
For carriers to protect their voice networks, private or encrypted interconnects must be established between customer and partners. This is a complicated and expensive solution to manage. Furthermore, it complicates turning up commercial arrangements
46 Labs leverages fabric on-ramps to protect participants inside the Peeredge® Voice Fabric. On-ramps are achieved through supported transports and Fabric Extenders for premise carriers or natively inside 46 Labs hosting. The Fabric Extenders perform the encryption/decryption of traffic and optimize SIP traffic traversing the Fabric. 46 Labs hosting  includes Fabric Extenders as part of SIP Infrastructure
SIP Infrastructure
Carriers are actively migrating critical network elements into public clouds to ease the management of infrastructure. Public clouds are designed for general purpose workloads and are not optimized for real-time communications. Public Cloud also requires a dedicated team to manage the cloud instance
46 Labs provides dedicated single-tenant bare metal infrastructure to host Peeredge® Wholesale Voice workloads. This environment is tailored exclusively to large managers of connectivity and requires no team to turn up or support. This infrastructure supports over a billion voice minutes of traffic per day
TDM Infrastructure
Carriers face daily challenges maintaining legacy copper networks.  Many maintain copper infrastructure primarily to connect with other carriers that only support TDM interconnections. Staff consolidations and retirement of wireline networks leave carrier voice managers with little options to maintain this type of equipment
46 Labs manages over a million ports of hosted TDM Softswitch capacity from vendors including Ribbon/Sonus, Dialogic, and Telcobridges. This equipment is supported and managed by a dedicated team of engineers staffed 24/7, relieving carriers from needing to maintain equipment and staff to operate legacy wireline voice networks. These switches are responsible for natively converting legacy TDM circuit-switches networks to SIP packet-based networks
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