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Network Resiliency
Connected. Safe.
In today's interconnected world, the network resiliency is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. We prioritise your connectivity, ensuring your business operations remain uninterrupted, even in the face of unexpected challenges.
We heard you talking, so we decided to act...
Carrier diversity
“ Carriers are engineered to support voice workloads over their proprietary network. This creates an inherent single point of failure between the PSTN and an enterprise network “
46 Labs Intelligent Route Optimization enables enterprises to leverage carrier diversity and federation. Calls take optimized and diverse paths coming from and going to the PSTN. 46 Labs manages the carrier relationships, regulatory compliance, and end-to-end network interconnections.
resilient local numbering
Local numbering in the United States has historically been tied to a single carrier network. This provides enterprises with no failover solution if their primary provider goes down.
46 Labs has freed this limitation by operating a neutral multi-carrier network and assigning number portability across multiple carriers  simultaneously
toll free numbering
Toll-free numbering in the United States is carrier neutral by default. However, to federate a number across multiple carriers, software tooling and multi-carrier relationships must be setup.
46 Labs enables toll-free numbering to leverage disaster recovery templates that can be deployed automatically or manually to reroute inbound calls by geographic region.
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