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Managed Edge Devices
The Power of The Fabric, Earthbound.
Extend The PeerEdge® Fabric any remote locations as easy as plugging in and powering up. Purpose-built edge devices to handle the demanding workload of Data & Voice Orchestrators.
Freedom From Worry.
Managed and monitored 24/7, hardware errors are detected by the 46 Labs Network Operations Center (NOC), and replacement parts or units are automatically overnighted to address critical issues before they become full-blown outages.
Highly Performant,

Highly Available.
Equipped with redundant processors, memory, flash storage, fans, power supplies and network ports. Managed Edge Devices ensure connectivity uptime while replacement parts are delivered and installed. Designed to be clustered allows them to maintain uptime even if a full chassis failure occurs.
Edge Connectivity. 

Native integration.
Requiring no capital expense and the ability to be Managed Edge Devices can be deployed anywhere in the world as a service. No capital expense is required and enterprises can utilize Managed Edge Devices to scale the reach of the Fabric without operational or support overhead. This is true from Toledo to Timbuktu.  
TEchnical details


Processors: Dual 14-core Xeon Processors @ 2.4Ghz
Memory: 128GB Error Correcting Enterprise Ram
RAID: 2GB Battery-backed flash RAID controller
Storage: 1.2TB Enterprise Flash in RAID1 configuration (hot plug replacement)
Fiber Networking: 2 x 10Gbe fiber interfaces (SM or MM transceivers includes)
Copper Networking: 4 x 1Gbe copper RJ-45 interfaces


Storage: Up to 16TB RAID10 Enterprise Flash 
Networking: 2 x 40Gbe fiber interfaces, 4 x 10Gbe copper RJ-45 interfaces 
Encryption Accelerator: 100Gbe native wire-speed encryption 
Mounts: Rack Shelf or Wall Mount 


Mounts: 4-post rack rails
Power: 2 x 500W Platinum (94% efficient) Power Supplies (hot plug replacement)
Fans: Seven (7) redundant fans
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