Welcome SwitchRay Customers. We are glad to have you!

We understand that you have some questions.

Hopefully this Page will answer some of them...



  • Who is 46 Labs?
    • That is a good question. We are a very talented team, spread out over the globe who build telecommunications voice infrastructure for carriers and large enterprises. Currently our products handle over a billion phone calls per day and we route in excess of ten thousand calls per second on our Peeredge hosted platform. We're really good at our job. Let us show you.
  • I've heard that you bought SwitchRay, is that true?
    • Yes it is. More specifically, we bought all of the assets of SwitchRay Inc. worldwide, including the LNT entity in Russia. 
  • So that must mean that you acquired all of the Intellectual Property for their products?
    • That is correct. We acquired all of the intellectual property rights to everything SwitchRay owned, including the source code, documentation, dongle software, help desk information and the list goes on. We even brought on some members of the MVTS engineering and support team,
  • But wait a minute! Some guy told me that SwitchRay never owned the intellectual property to begin with. What gives?
    • So this is a common myth that has been told for many moons. The SwitchRay product line started as software that was incubated inside MERA Systems way back in the day. A company was formed, called MFI Soft, to take this software to market worldwide. They were successful in their endeavor with the MVTS and RTU product lines. With their success, MFI Soft wanted to base their operations in a more globally-friendly place, so they established Aloe Systems in Canada and moved all of the software assets from Russia to North America. In a deeper effort to penetrate the Americas, Aloe systems was sold to SwitchRay Inc. in California and with that, the assets changed hands again. When we acquired the assets of SwitchRay Inc., we acquired IP rights and chain of title from the day the first line of code was written. Ta da! May the myth stop with us...but we cannot confirm nor deny the existence of the Loch Ness Monster. 
  • Alright skippy, so you own the software that was sold to me originally by MERA, MFI Soft, Aloe and SwitchRay. What do you plan to do with it?
    • Another good question. We plan to take our expertise in next-generation voice platforms and apply that knowledge to improve and expand the software we acquired. Simply put, we plan to make an already good set of products even better. Our developers are already known for their expertise in building lightning fast, simple and elegant things, and we intend to turn them loose on the SwitchRay suite of software. 
  • Sounding good so far, but who am I supposed to talk to if I need help with my software right now?
    • We will be performing support and maintenance for all SwitchRay products. If you need help, we are here for you. You may call, e-mail, open a support ticket via our website or connect with us via social media.
  • Hmm, but I already have a maintenance agreement with SwitchRay that hasn't expired. How do you intend to handle someone like me?
    • The answer is simple. We will support you for free (assuming you actually paid SwitchRay for your maintenance) until the end of your contract and renew you when the time comes at a discounted rate. 
  • Wow, that sure is nice...but SwitchRay really left me in the lurch with support for the past few months. I feel abandoned. 
    • First off, let us say that we understand that you have been without support. When a company goes out of business it can do a lot of damage to its customers. You have every right to be unhappy. We will do everything within our ability to take care of you in a white-glove manner and restore the confidence in your software investment. Every member of our staff is here to assist you. Give us a shot.
  • I have been contacted by a few groups offering me support on SwitchRay products. Some of them even have ex-SwitchRay employees working for them. What should I do?
    • When a void is created by a company going out of business, customers aren't left with many options. We are aware that a few organizations were formed to fill this void. Frankly, we were happy that customers had a resource through this period. However, an official maintenance and support organization exists to address these issues and we can begin assisting you immediately. And we are happy to say that as of December 1, 2016, the former SwitchRay support and MVTS Solutions engineering staff is also a part of the 46 Labs organization.
  • Currently, is there anyone licensed by 46 Labs to perform support or maintenance on the SwitchRay products?
    • We are very proud to say that as of December 1, 2016, the former SwitchRay support and MVTS Solutions engineering staff is also a part of the 46 Labs organization. Therefore, e intend to conduct all of the support and maintenance of our software in-house, staffed by our fantastic team members and probably a few familiar support members you have come to know and trust over the years. If you have been receiving support from an unlicensed or unauthorized source, give us a call and we can eagerly support you going forward. 
  • Currently, is there anyone licensed to sell SwitchRay products or services?
    • No. We are the only company in the world that can provide you licenses, sell you SwitchRay solutions or distribute new SwitchRay software updates.
  • Help! I have a dongle expiring soon. What should I do?
    • Get in touch with us ASAP, so we can determine the status of your dongle and discuss what we can do to assist you. Remember, we are here to help you!
  • Uh oh! One of these unlicensed support groups helped me upgrade my software. Am I in trouble?
    • The unfortunate answer is, probably. Prior to the asset sale, SwitchRay Inc. was the only company licensed to provide software updates on its software. We acquired those rights in our acquisition. But, have no fear! We can bring you into compliance easily. Reach out to us via chat, email, support ticket or phone call and we will happily fix any issue that you may have: support@46labs.com