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Frontier Podcast featuring 46 Labs CEO

Season 4, Ep. 15 – Founder to Founder: With Trevor Francis, CEO and Founder, 46 Labs

A lot of companies talk global connectivity, but Trevor Francis, CEO and Founder at 46 Labs, has put his boots on the ground to build networks around the world. In this week’s Founder to Founder episode, he talks to Teja for about building an infrastructure business, the similarities between flying a plane and running a company, and why it’s easier to send a connection through a brick wall than a clump of trees.

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“I have an awesome interview with Trevor Francis, founder and CEO of 46 Labs.

He’s got a super cool background helping folks get internet connectivity in Central America, South America, West Africa. And now his company, 46 Labs, focuses on that in the United States.

We talk about his company, we talk about being a pilot, and so many other fun things. You guys will love this conversation...”

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