Standard Support Policies

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Our team is dedicated, during regular business hours (7 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST) to respond to your tickets and questions in a timely manner that addresses your specific questions and concerns.

Ticket Submission Process:

1.      Submit a ticket via e-mail to or through the applicable user interface

2.      Ticket is assigned within one business hour to a support staff member

Once a ticket is submitted, we will respond with a confirmation email, stating that we have received your ticket and it has been logged. You will be given a support ticket ID.  We ask you use this ID in any follow-up question e-mails you send in to our support team. This will help us to better track your ticket and resolve similar issues for other users.

3.      Ticket is responded to within the next four business hours, after our initial investigation

Thereafter, our commitment is to have a resolution response within five business days, after our investigation. This resolution may include, among others, additional training, a notification that a code update is scheduled or a feature request. You will receive notices as it is updated, as we gather the proper information towards resolution.


As part of our service, we offer 24-hour EMERGENCY telephone support. If you are experiencing an EMERGENCY, such as a suspected switch outage, persistent rate deck load failures or the user interface appears down or unavailable, please follow these procedures:

1.      Call the 46 Labs support line at 1 (855) 464-6522

Here you will be prompted to select Technical Support (press 1).  A support engineer will answer your call and help you triage your issue. Please inform them you are a SwitchRay user.

OR you may open an EMERGENCY ticket through our support email at In the subject line type: EMERGENCY.   This will place the ticket in our emergency support queue and ensure that it will be responded to during non-business hours.

2.      We will assign the ticket within fifteen minutes to a support staff member

If you did not speak to your support staff during your call, you will receive a call within thirty minutes from the assigned support staff.  After our initial investigation and within the next two hours, we will respond to your ticket with information about the issue. Until the matter is resolved, we will provide you an update hourly on our progress with your emergency issue.